Wakea Garden Apartments

Tacos Perry

Letter B

2018, Enamel on wood panel.

Mollusk Surf Shop

Enamel and latex on wood, various sizes.

Last Stop First Stop

Painted for the San Francisco Arts Commission at the terminus of the N Judah train at Judah and La Playa streets.

Monster Joe's

Faux-aged sign recreated from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

From Where You'd Rather Be

Bus painted for Monster Children and Corona. Photo: Lincoln Jubb.

Sign Painters Do It In 1-Shot

Enamel on wood panel, 15 x 10"


Enamel on wood panel, 30 x 8"

Liberty Tattoo

Saloon doors for Liberty Tattoo shop in Seattle, WA.

Not For Sale

Painted for Bloom Press in Oakland, CA.


Enamel on plywood, 15 x 15" each

L. Quan

Faux-aged sign for Barry McGee exhibition at Ratio 3. Latex on plexiglass.


Enamel on plywood, 7 x 6"


Brooklyn, New York. Enamel on plywood, 30 x 96"

Parkside mural

Mural painted on the side of Footprint shoe store in SF's Parkside neighborhood. (See more)

Stussy Livin'

Sandwich board. Enamel on plywood, 24 x 48"

Perfection code

Painted at Facebook's Menlo Park campus. (See more)