Monster Children Group Show

Opening night: Friday, December 12th, 6pm
Continues December 13th till December 20th, 2008

The 12th of December marks Monster Children Gallery's last show for 2008. Our annual end of year shows are a chance to view works made to a constraint by the artists we regularly work with as well as the greatest creators within our art community. It is the biggest show of the year, this year bringing together 26 artists each representing a letter of the alphabet. Past shows have constrained the art works to a certain size or medium, for 2008 all the works are created upon a three dimensional wooden letters. This show is also for you the audience and supporters, so please join us to celebrate the end of 2008 and another great year for Monster Children Gallery - we have marked all the works under $501; our opportunity to give back to you with a masterpiece for a great price.

Andy Jenkins, Ben Brown, Thomas Campbell, Mark Drew, Edward Woodley, Ben Frost, Mike Giant, Evan Hecox, Luca Ionescu, Jeff Canham, Alex Kopps, Anthony Lister, Reg Mombassa, Numskull, Beci Orpin, PAM, Mickie Quick, Robert Moore, Sarah Larnach, The Idiots, Steve Uren, Vaughn Dead, Ozzie Wright, Stefan Marx, We Buy Your Kids, Jonathan Zawada

Monster Children Gallery
20 Burton St.
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010